Cebu Osani Films is a full-service production company specializing in high quality, original filmmaking.  We work with clients to develop video concepts, coordinating all aspects of production, producing, finalizing and delivering the content you require. Whether your video’s objective is to launch a product, bring awareness to an issue, or entertain the masses with a thought-provoking message, the talented team at Cebu Osani can tailor to all your production needs.

Cebu Osani was founded in 2008 by Erik Shirai as a platform for his creative ideals. Erik is a NYC based Director and Cinematographer working around the world on renowned documentaries, TV shows, and fiction narratives. Erik’s work can be seen on the Emmy award winning TV show No Reservation with Anthony Bourdain and his ‘Eye What You Eat’ series was featured at the 2012 Ted Conference. More recently his film, The Birth of Saké, was awarded Best Documentary Director Special Jury mention at Tribeca Film Festival in 2015.  The Birth of Sake also premiered at the prestigious 63rd San Sebastian Film Festival and at the 51st Chicago Film Festival.